Doing the Impossible Part II

It can’t be overstressed how important hard work and perseverance are in hitting it big. It’s absolutely true that you have to work hard and persevere doing the right things, but you can’t be lazy about doing them.

Henry Ford came out with the revolutionary flathead V8 that steamrolled the competition. Chevrolet had introduced the straight-6 that was a quantum leap ahead of his 4-cylinder powered cars and he didn’t want to follow Chevy’s lead. He demanded his engineers develop a V8 with the engine block made from a one-piece casting at an affordable price, considered an impossibility in its day.

Numerous technical obstacles were overcome and the result? Ford V8s leapt ahead in the marketplace.

It wasn’t easy, it was considered impossible in the day, but do it they did and made history.

I like this quote from the second Mission: Impossible movie:

Mission Commander Swanbeck (aka Anthony Hopkins) to Ethan Hunt (aka Tom Cruise): “This is Mission Impossible, not mission difficult. Difficult should be a walk in the park for you.”

I like the attitude—it takes that kind of attitude and work ethic to pull off success.

Igor Sikorsky, the man credited with inventing the helicopter, had this to say:

“According to the laws of aerodynamics, the bumblebee can’t fly either, but the bumblebee doesn’t know anything about the laws of aerodynamics, so it goes ahead and flies anyway.”

If everyone around us thinks we’re going to fail, but we don’t even know the meaning of the word, we go ahead and succeed because we just plain do it.

Grant Cardone is a sales trainer and successful entrepreneur and investor. His mantra? “Whatever it takes.” You do whatever it takes to be successful and you keep doing it until you succeed—then why stop there? Keep doing whatever it takes!

It’s not easy becoming a success. It’s not easy getting your software to go viral. You have to do the right things: Great product, spot-on marketing and PR, great tech support. The backbone behind that is drive and dedication, the absolute conviction to do the impossible followed by working your backside off to get that viral rush when your product takes off in the marketplace.

The one key ingredient behind success is hard work. Splurge yourself!


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