The Twelve Principles of Great UI Design

The sub-title of this series of blog posts addressing UI Design is: “Creating User lnterfaces for Applications That Are Easy to Use, Look Good, and Drive Customer Adoption.”

The twelve principles of UI Design focus a designer’s or developer’s efforts towards these three points:

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Look Good
  3. Satisfy the Customer

That’s what you’re trying to achieve, and if you create UIs that are easy to use, look good and satisfy the customer, you will drive customer adoption. So that fourth point is really to not only satisfy the customer, but to get that customer or potential customer so satisfied that they will buy and use the product–and the word-of-mouth creates a tsunami of growth.

Thus the three points become:

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Look Good
  3. Drive Customer Adoption

That’s WHAT you want to accomplish. HOW to accomplish it, that is the six million dollar question!

And thus we have twelve principles of UI Design that, when followed, result in killer User Interfaces that ARE easy to use, look good, and customers buy it. In volume.

The Twelve Principles

  1. KISS—keep it simple, stupid.
  2. A sense of aesthetics.
  3. White space is good for background!
  4. Use space as a border and separator
  5. Consistent color theme
  6. Color gradations add appeal
  7. Ergonomics: Functionality wins!
  8. Alignment! Alignment! Alignment!
  9. Organize the page into logical groupings
  10. Keep fonts in a similar style or family
  11. Have actions clearly visible to execute
  12. Shade alternate rows or columns with a light hue of the main color.

I’ll cover each of the above points in much more detail in further posts.


©2017 Curt Larson. All Rights Reserved.


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