1. KISS–Keep it Simple, Stupid

The simpler the UI, the better. Put the main stuff on the first page, move the lesser-used stuff to other pages. Make the pages straightforward and easy to read.

The layout itself needs to be simple. Organization of the page is important. Group related content together with a logical flow from left to right, top to bottom. When looking at a website or an app, our eyes go towards the center upper first, then upper left, followed by moving to the right and scanning down, unless there are compelling images or attention-grabbing elements on the page. Perhaps it’s our years of reading, left to right, top to bottom, and those habits continue when looking at software UIs.

Make use of that natural tendency when you arrange content on the page.

Don’t overload the page with content—too busy is daunting and causes the viewer to withdraw. Always strive to make the page look simpler, cleaner, easier to understand.

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” –Albert Einstein

And just like the title says, this post is simple. Make your UIs simple.

©2017 Curt Larson. All Rights Reserved.


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