About Curt Larson

I spent twenty-plus years as an automotive engineer, consulting, codifying, documenting and managing engineers in a new engineering technology that I helped pioneer. I spent the last many years of that portion of my career responsible for marketing our engineering services and software and leading the software development team. Subsequent stints running my real estate brokerage followed by five years as a Product Manager for antivirus software found me chest-deep in Marketing.

Coming from an engineering background, I have a perspective on Marketing that I think is unique. As an engineer, when I design or engineer something, it has to WORK. It has to do what it’s intended to do. Not only does it have to do what it’s intended to do, it has to do it WELL.

What is Marketing supposed to do? It has to INTEREST customers and potential customers in the product. It has to get potential customers willing to listen to the sales pitch, try out the product, find out more about the product. If it’s done really well, sales become a snap.

How do you create interest in a product? That, my friends, is what my blog is all about. Since I come at this subject from an engineering mindset, I look at WHY something works, what are the mechanics behind creating interest? What causes people to like something, and how do you measure interest? I’ll cover these topics and more, including covering the subject of Product Management itself.

I trust that you’ll find my blog educational, and I hope you’ll find it entertaining.  If, after reading, you think my nuts and bolts have come unscrewed, blame it on my engineering background!



Before I sign off, I have one comment to share regarding developing cars and developing software: there are more similarities between the two disciplines than I first imagined. It is my firm belief that good engineering practice transcends the genre of product. While the details of development may differ, the general structure is uncannily applicable across all disciplines. With that off my chest, back to Marketing!



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