Dimensional Management

In my previous life (professionally speaking), I was one of the pioneers in the field of Dimensional Management in the auto industry.

We had a lot of success improving the dimensional quality of body structures and interiors, resulting in higher levels of panel “fit and flushness.” And I got to work with some really great people and on some really great cars in the process.

It was this career that launched my involvement with marketing and software development.

While building a company to provide Dimensional Management services, we had to build a team of engineers to go forth and “dimensionally manage.” As a result I wrote training manuals, starting with making Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) easy to understand, evolving into the application of GD&T to body structures and interior trim, and then into the entire engineering process of dimensionally engineering a vehicle, which we called Dimensional Management.

A number of training manuals were written, targeted at both beginners and seasoned pros.

I recently went through and compiled that material, codifying a portion of those works into two manuals. They are:

    Datum Principles: Flexible Parts (Book One)
    Dimensional Control Fundamentals (Book Two)

They are currently available on Amazon.com. Each of the titles above is hyperlinked to the book listing on Amazon for your convenience.

These books have nothing to do with Marketing or Going Viral. I get inquiries about them from time to time, so linking them on these pages is one way to direct the interested parties to the relevant material. Plus it looks impressive on the website, at least until I write a book or two on Going Viral.


Curt Larson


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